Maritza Nez

Photo: Adriana Suito

Maritza Núñez

Maritza Núñez (born Lima 1958) is a writer who in 1986 obtained a Master of Arts degree from the Gnesin Musical Institute, Moscow. She has pursued courses in theatre studies at the Theatre School in Finland, at Helsinki University and the Theatre School of Málaga (Spain). She has published the collections of poems Tierra de Caramelos (1986, in the book Pentagramas Ebrios with Carmen Luz Bejarano), Calidoscopio Op l (1987), Passio Secularis (1988, 1998), Creatura (1998), Amor Vivus, Kampopo (1999), Nocturno (2000), Le jardin secret (2001) and La nada cotidiana (2006). Núñez has also written Creatura (1993, a musical), four opera librettos, song lyrics and choral works. She has published Jeux y otros cuentos (2001), the monologues Niña de Cera (1994), A la Luz de la Oscuridad (1999, a new version 2006), Kullervo (2005) and Habanera (2006). She has published also the plays Sueños de una Tarde Doininical (awarded the 1999 Maria Teresa León Prize), Buenos Aires hora niente (2006 a trilogy formed by Tango solo , Erwartung and Tres historias porteñas ), Ojos de tigre (2006), El Rinconcito de Don Ramón (2006), the musical Gina (2006), El Libro de los Reyes (2006) and Delirio (2006). She has writed many plays (drama, comedy and also for children and radio). Some of her works have been translated into Finnish, Swedish, English and Japanese, and have been performed at various international theatre festivals. The Finnish Television has filmed three documentals about her.

Maritza Núñez has been living in Finland since 1986. She is a member of the Finnish Dramatist' Union and of the Finnish PEN Club.


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